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I’ve worked in the influencer marketing industry for 6+ years supporting brands and influencers and I’m BLOWN AWAY by the knowledge that I’ve gained from the Influencer Assistant Academy. To be 100% transparent, I didn’t expect to learn much from this, but I decided to take a chance on it because I didn’t want to miss out on the possibility of learning better strategies to support my influencer clients.
Not only did I walk away with a nice refresher on all things influencer assisting, but I also learned new tools and strategies that I started implementing with my influencer clients immediately. If you’re on edge, take the course. They are industry experts, you won’t be disappointed.



Imagine This

You’re passionate about social media, anything Influencer or Creator related, and creativity is your thing…plus you love helping others achieve their goals and vision.

Your energy doesn’t match with a typical 9-5 career so you want to work in the Social Media and Influencer space.

Envision waking up each morning excited to jump on your computer and getting to work with some of your favorite Influencers & Content Creators.

We can’t wait to guide you!


wait to wake up to.

Traditional isn’t your flavor.

A draining 9-5 leaves you feeling uninspired and stagnant

You’re dying to be able to work from anywhere

You want to be surrounded by creativity on the daily

Making your own schedule and flexibility is key for the lifestyle you’re creating for yourself

You need your own path…

people worldwide now consider themselves Creators.




Influencer Assistant ACADEMY


The ultimate training program to become an Influencer Assistant created by industry experts.

We’ve bundled everything you need to know about being a successful Influencer Assistant into a self-study training program so you can have all the skills that your potential clients are searching for!

What You’ll Learn

Understanding Creators’ & Influencers’ Needs

How To Provide Value To Your Influencer Client

Project Management & Organization

Tools & Trainings To Excel At The Job

How To Support With Content Production

How To Assist With Brand Partnerships

Over Eleven (11) Hours Of Training!

Let’s Break It Down



Understand the needs & struggles of Influencers so you can be their solution

Learn the skillset & toolbox needed to be a star Influencer Assistant

How to support with brand partnerships

Social media planning & community management
Content production assistance

Project management & organization

Professionalism & client etiquette 101


Setting up your online business 101

Designing your branding

Marketing yourself on social media to attract your dream clients
How to actually land paying clients
How to onboard your clients
Billing and invoicing to get paid on time

Managing your time and balancing multiple Influencer & Creator clients

3 Different Areas Of Specializations

Content Production Management

Brand Partnership Support

Social Media Management & Organization

Peek Inside Each Module

We’ve created the most comprehensive Influencer Assistant course to help support you in every facet of this role so you can be a successful Influencer Assistant!


  • Overview of Running an Influencer & Creator Business
  • Industry Terms and Trends You Need To Know
  • Understanding Monetization: How Influencers/Creators Monetize
  • Bonus: Influencer Marketing Glossary


  • Defining Your Role & Onboarding


  • Overview of Organization & Project Management
  • Calendaring Set Up and Best Practices
  • How To Run A Meeting With Your Influencer / Creator Client
  • Project Management Basics & Organization Systems Overview


  • Overview of the Content Management Specialization
  • How To Generate Content Ideas & Content Planning
  • Content Breakdown Per Platform
  • How To Create Captions For Your Client
  • How To Repurpose Content Across Platforms


  • Overview of the Social Media Management Specialization
  • Content Calendar Management Best Practices
  • Social Media Scheduling & Posting Best Practices
  • Community Management and Engagement Overview
  • Social Media Reporting & The Importance Of Analytics
  • Overview of Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Blog, Email Newsletter & Pinterest Posting


  • Overview of the Brand Partnership Management Specialization
  • Tracking Key Information For Your Client
  • How To Support With The Pitching Process
  • How To Support With Executing The Partnership
  • How To Support With Closing Out The Partnership
  • Brand Partnership Reporting
  • FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Disclosures Guide


  • An in-depth guide to all the tools you may need too help you do your job efficiently and excel as an Influencer Assistant!


  • Connect with other Influencer & Creator Assistants, get advice and ask questions! A private group available only to those enrolled the Influencer Assistant Academy.

Influencers & Creators Desperately Need Help In Their Business.

How do we know this?

We built a global community of

Creators & Influencers of all sizes & all niches.

Almost every day they tell us they need an assistant so rest assured there are clients out there waiting for you!

Don’t Just Take It From Us – Influencers Are Looking To Hire An Assistant….

Walk Away With . . .

A Strong Skillset For The Job

Become well-rounded in all of the aspects you will need daily to be successful.

Understand The Inner Working Of Their Business

Feel confident and legit in the foundation of how an Influencer runs their businss.

A Game Plan To Find Areas To Support Them With

Be able to confidently find the biggest areas for how you can provide value. 

How To Assist With Brand Partnerships

We’ll walk you through the steps of how to support with brand partnerships.

Trust That You Can Make This A Career

Feel proud of your professionalism, knowledge, and ability to manage it all.

An Inside Look Into The Industry

Be a part of the booming Influencer industry that is exciting and full of opportunity.

What Our Students Say:

Whenever I reach out to an Influencer client, I begin to panic out of fear that I would be unable to deliver what I have promised. I didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask. The Influencer Assistant Academy did everything – they delivered what they promised! The best part is that I have received so many free and useful resources + lifetime Support which makes me feel more confident to take on a client. I am now CONVINCED of the value I can offer an Influencer/Content Creator. This is my first time buying a course on the internet and I do not regret it!”


“This was a brilliant course and I’m very happy I had a chance to take it. Its structure is well thought-through and all sections are broken into the value packed chapters. From the overview of the influencer marketing industry to a few juicy bonuses at the end. This course is a great summary of all aspects of supporting a content creator. It not only explains WHAT but also shows HOW by giving a great deal of practical advice.”


“As someone who has been wanting to step into influencer marketing this course has been just what I’ve been looking for. This course covers everything from social media management to executing brand deals for creators and so much more. Would 100% recommend to anyone trying to break into this space. This is the first influencer assistant course I have seen thus far and it answered all of my questions. So amazing!


We’re Giving You Bonuses!

In addition to the Influencer Assistant Academy Training…you’ll also get:

Business Builder Bootcamp

A 4 hour training on how to build your business from scratch and start landing clients. 

Instagram Reels Bootcamp

A 2 hour training on how to create better short-form video content from start to finish!

Social Media Report Template 

A robust template to provide a visual social media report to each of your clients.

Influencer Marketing Terms Glossary

A complete guide to all the terms you need to know to be successful in this industry.

Templates & More To Keep You + Your Clients Organized

Brand Partnership Deliverables Tracking  Sheet, Outreach Tracking Sheet & more

400+ Conversation Starter Pack Prompts

Access to hundreds of prompts to boost social media engagement online!

That’s over
$2,096 Worth Of Bonuses
ON TOP of the Influencer Assistant Academy training!

A system built by industry experts.

No more frustration from other courses that aren’t specialized.
No more searching the internet for hours.
No more guessing if you even have the skills to work with Influencers.

Meet Your


Learn From The Sidewalker Daily Team, Leaders in the Influencer and Creator Industry

Nina Zadeh, MBA

8+ Years Working With Influencers & Creators

Nina is the co-founder of Sidewalker Daily and spends her days creating strategic content and helping her Influencer and Creator clients with creative business ideas to stand out and work with brands. Nina has been working in the influencer space for over 8 years and can shed light on market trends and the growth of the industry. She has coached thousands of Influencers & Creators in growing their businesses and understands the deep inner workings of how their businesses run and where they need the most support from team members. 

Clairesse Brogoitti, JD

8+ Years Working With Influencers & Creators

Clairesse is the co-founder of Sidewalker Daily and spends her days helping Influencers and Creators build teams and scale their businesses. She also supports Influencers and Creators with business strategy to increase revenue which often leads to strategic hires to fill roles needed to execute on their business plan. Her unique law and business background allows her to shed light on multiple facets of entrepreneurship, running an Influencer or Creator business and building a successful company.

We work with Creators & Influencers every single day.

We know exactly what they need in an assistant.


We’ve planned Influencer & Creator

campaigns for brands like…

So we have experience on both sides of the Influencer industry!

Students Love Learning With Us!


Sidewalker Daily has had a huge impact on my bottom line. The money I invested was easily made back with just one project that I got thanks to them. They constantly go above and beyond to help their students.


I am obsessed with this community! Nina + Clairesse are super knowledgable with everything influencer related and growing your brand. They have so many golden nuggets you don’t learn from anyone else and you will learn so much. Highly recommend.


Nina + Clairesse are excellent at cultivating an environment for you to thrive IF you want it! It’s not fluff, you have to do the work, and execute, but they have all the tools to teach you how to put one foot in front of the other.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’re going to find incredible value in the Influencer Assistant Academy that you’ve never experienced before, that we’re offering you a money back guarantee if you complete the entire program (100% completion) within seven days after your date of purchase and feel like it wasn’t what you expected. We’re offering this money-back guarantee because we know how much we can help you with becoming an influencer assistant and we want you to feel confident in investing in yourself and your business.

Let’s Recap

Everything you need to start working as an Influencer Assistant and understand all of the skills you need to actually do the job.

Value: $2,779+

Bonus: Assistant Business Builder BootcampValue: $1,500+

Bonus: Instagram Reels Bootcamp Value: $97

Bonus: Social Media Report Template
Value: $29

Bonus: Influencer Marketing Terms Glossary
Value: $27

Bonus: Templates, Sheets, & More
Value: $147+

Bonus: 400+ Conversation Starter Pack PromptsValue: $97

Lifetime Access and Updates To Course Material
Value: $1,250

Total Value: $4,678+

2 Monthly Payments


One Time Payment


That’s over
In Addition To The Influencer Assistant Academy

FAQs For You!

What is the format of this program and how long will it take to complete?

This is a self-study video course you can take on your own time. You will have lifetime access to refer back to it at any time!

Do I need specific experience in order to be a successful Influencer Assistant?

No you don’t but if you do have a basic understanding of social media then that is helpful! Influencer Assistants can offer services that suit them & their interests specifically which we cover in-depth in the course. 

Will you help me find a job?

After completing the course, you will be automatically entered into a database that may be shared with our community of Influencers and Creators from time to time; however, finding clients is something you will be responsible for as a new business owner. 

Is this a certificate program?

No. The Influencer Assistant Academy is a self-study course to teach you how to be an Influencer or Creator assistant and not a certificate program. Like most online courses, we are unable to provide you with a certificate, recommendation or endorsement of your services or business.  

I'm an Influencer, can I purchase it for my assistant?

Yes! We’ve had Influencers and Creators purchase this self-study course for their current assistant or assistant they are hiring so they can save time during the training process. 

Is there a Refund Policy?

If the course does not meet your expectations – you have 7 days to get a full refund if you comply with the refund policy. 

This is for you if…

– You want to break into the Social Media Marketing & Influencer Industry on your own terms

– You’re looking to invest in a quality educational experience that hands you everything you’ll need to know as an Influencer Assistant

– You’re ready to leave your career comfort zone and finally build your dream business

– You’re creative, organized and have an entrepreneurial hustle

This is NOT for you if…

– You want to make tons of money overnight without putting in much effort

– You don’t want to support someone else’s business and goals

– You can’t play nice with others and don’t like seeing anyone else succeed

– You love being in the spotlight and your main goal is being an Influencer or Creator (we have other programs available for that)

“As someone who has been in the online service provider space for about 2 years, my biggest struggle was finding a course that’s niched down, easy to follow, and had tons of valuable info.

I’ve taken over $12,000 in courses to figure out what I’d like to do in the online space and the Influencer Assistant Academy is NO JOKE. All of the info in this course is helpful. If you skip one course or fast-forward through, you’ll end up missing out on info you wish you had!! I’ve known that I’ve wanted to work with influencers for a while but even learning their pain points can be a struggle when you don’t know what the world looks like from their lens.

You can tell that the ladies at Sidewalker work very closely with influencers and tailored this course to tell you exactly what kind of universal support they need even if the influencer doesn’t know it yet!

I’d recommend this course to anyone who’s looking to support creators and even to creators so they know how to better streamline their own daily processes”– Sabrina

Influencer Assistant Academy


Value: $2,779+

Bonus: Assistant Business Builder BootcampValue: $1,500+

Bonus: Instagram Reels Bootcamp Value: $97

Bonus: Social Media Report Template
Value: $29

Bonus: Influencer Marketing Terms Glossary
Value: $27

Bonus: Templates, Sheets, & More
Value: $147+

Bonus: 400+ Conversation Starter Pack PromptsValue: $97

Lifetime Access and Updates To Course Material
Value: $1,250

Total Value: $4,678+

2 Monthly Payments


One Time Payment


Remember: This purchase could be considered a business expense! Consult with a tax professional to see how you can write this purchase off!

Questions? Email us at